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Carbohydrate Insulin Ratio (CIR)

Published Date: 01 – July – 2012
Company: MySelf

This offline available mobile web application has been setup by Martin James Holland in order to take carbohydrates of a meal and convert them in to the number of units of insulin to take. Using an app like My Fitness Pal to work out the grams of carbohydrates in a meal, you can use this web app to convert them into Units of Short-acting rapid Insulin (Nova-Rapid).

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Kingston University

Published Date: 01 – June – 2012
Company: Kingston University UNISON branch
Site Description: Union

The Kingston University UNISON branch is made up of three sections: Kingston University, Kingston University Services Company (KUSCO) and St Mary’s University College. UNISON is Britain and Europe’s biggest public sector union with more than 1.3 million members.

Riches & Company
Chartered Accountants

Published Date: 21 – Feb – 2012
Company: Riches & Company
Site Description: Chartered Accountants

This client are Chartered Accountants; Bast in Surrey. The new site is using WordPress. The client is able to mange there website with WordPress Admin interface

Bashdar Pusho Ismaeel
Freelance Writer

Published Date: 01 – Mar – 2009
Company: Personal
Site Description: | Bashdar Pusho Ismaeel is a London-based freelance writer and analyst, whose primary focus and expertise is on the Kurds, Iraq and Middle Eastern current affairs.

This site has been update on 29-Jan-2012 ::  The new site is using WordPress. The user is able to fully manged the site – change text uplaod images, manage basic layout and add new Articles with documents.

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John Wadsworth
Relax and Live

Published Date: Jul – 2011
Company: Personal
Site Description: Hypnotherapy

This client is a Hypnotherapy; He works around London. The new site is using my new simple text managed system using a database. The user is able to change text using a simple interface

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Muge Yorulmaz

Published Date: 02 – Feb – 2010
Company: Personal
Site Description: Photography

Webpage Updated – Feb-2010 : User webpage has been updated to come in line with a modern webpages. The webpage still keep the effect of moving the Polaroid’s around the page, but gives the client better management tool over the old system.

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Asir Antik
Antikacı – Antika Uzmanı
Turkish Antiques Specialist

Published Date: 01 – Nov – 2009
Company: Asir Antik
Site Description: Asir Antik has a variety of pieces; doors, stones, ceiling centre pieces, pools, ornamental pools, marble basin of a Turkish bath, living room and bedroom furniture etc., collected from all over Turkey. Fahri Yorulmaz started his career as an antiques seller 25 years ago, encouraged by his sensation to old and aesthetic pieces.

The new site is using my new fully managed system. User is able to fully manage the site – change text, upload images, manage basic layout and add new Articles with documents. I have also added a new function for multi-languages.

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Andys Gardening Services

Published Date: 01 – Jun – 2008
Company: Andy’s Gardening Services Ltd
Site Description: | Andy’s Gardening Services Ltd is a family run business based in Surrey that has been running for over 16 years.

Andy’s Gardening Service approached me with designing there webpage, they wish to have a simple but modern/unique design. I have used layer for this design allowing me to display the large logo in the background. This Webpage is designed with PHP, JavaScript, CSS and HTML.

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  • Carbohydrate Insulin Ratio (CIR)

    Carbohydrate Insulin Ratio (CIR)

  • Kingston University <br>UNISON

    Kingston University

  • Riches & Company <br />Chartered Accountants

    Riches & Company
    Chartered Accountants

  • Bashdar Pusho Ismaeel <br />Freelance Writer

    Bashdar Pusho Ismaeel
    Freelance Writer

  • John Wadsworth <br />Relax and Live

    John Wadsworth
    Relax and Live

  • Muge Yorulmaz <br />Photography

    Muge Yorulmaz

  • Asir Antik <br />Antikacı – Antika Uzmanı <br />Turkish Antiques Specialist

    Asir Antik
    Antikacı – Antika Uzmanı
    Turkish Antiques Specialist

  • Andys Gardening Services

    Andys Gardening Services

About Me

  • Specialise in integration and Application architecture, focusing on SOA and API-led integration.
  • Support Strategy, policies and standards building, including Data Ownership and Data Governance
  • Lead in complex IT changes following different frameworks and appropriate tool sets.

Curriculum Vitae


Data Solutions Manager

HR Job Title: Data Solutions Manager

King’s College London, Data Solutions, Enterprise Architecture, IT Solutions, ITS

July 2014 – Present

I am responsible for managing a team of senior database administrators, senior business intelligence analysts, senior integration analysts and application analysts and architects, along with managing outsourced development teams and resources.

Within this post I am building strategies, policies, standards and architectures focusing on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Integrations (ETL, Message Bus and Enterprise API), Master Data Management, Data Quality, Management information – business intelligence and database management services. Additionally, I sit on the data governance group to support the direction of the university data vision.

The Key responsibilities are to provide IT solutions and services that support the University to deliver:

  • The Information Management Strategy
  • Data Governance
  • Data Ownership and Stewardship

The other key responsibilities are to provide the following services:

  • System Architecture
  • Data Modelling
  • Data Quality reviews
  • Data Warehouse management
  • Conductivity development (ETL, message bus and APIs)

Framework and methodologies being used:

  • Service oriented architecture
    • Enterprise service bus
  • API-led integration
  • Kimball Data warehouse
  • MDM hub architecture (Registry, Consolidating,Reconciliation and Transaction style)

Technologies used:

  • MS SQL Server (2012 R2)
  • SSIS – SQL Server Integration Services
  • SSAS – SQL Server Analysis Services
  • SSRS – SQL Server Reporting Services
  • DQS – SQL Server Data Quality Services
  • MDS – SQL Server Master Data Services
  • Biztalk Server (2013 R2)
  • MS Power BI
  • Oracle
  • SharePoint 365
  • MS Dynamics CRM and MDM Online
  • Syllabus Plus XML Layer

Senior Service Integration Analyst

HR Job Title: Senior Service Integration Analyst

King’s College London, Business Systems, Enterprise Application Solutions, IT Solutions, ITS

April 2013 –July 2014

The post is to support the implementation of new IT solutions or significant change by improving, designing and documenting technical integrations and supporting processes.
Will make appropriate recommendations that will positively impact operational effectiveness and the design and implementation of IT systems.

Duties Include:

  • Reviewing, updating and utilising the Universities core applications
    • SITS: Tribal SITS:VISION, Tribal ESD, Scientia syllabus plus enterprise timetabling, RMS (Room management), Oracle HRMS (Finance), and a number of other applications.
  • Identify and develop solutions or alternative methods of processing
  • Identify solution requirements by interviewing and observing clients; analysing processes and operations; establishing solution objectives; preparing specifications
  • Determine how changes in conditions, operation, and environment will affect outcomes
  • Improves systems by studying current practices; designing modifications and improvements

Application System Analyst and Developer

HR Job Title: Support Analyst

Kingston University, IT – Information Services

Oct 2006 – April 2013

Within this role, I manage and maintain the University’s core applications. The role has given me great understanding on how system applications work within the University and allowed me to learn diverse systems within a large IT system infrastructure.

The overall IT services caters for around 28,000 end users giving me great know-how of server architecture and distributed systems. I provide the server architecture for projects in relation to the software guidelines and analyze the resources and level of the service required, in order to advise on the optimum architecture concerning the cost and end-user experience.

I am equipped with procedures and policies knowledge in relation to the Universities core applications, I review applications to reflect policy and procedural requirements and advise the relevant parties when required.

I have also developed a number of web applications for the University. These applications are currently used in key areas to improve the Student experience (Work Project Profile). I have created ORAC (Online Resources Availability Console), which gives access to support, and resource information for support staff and end users, who don’t have the ability to access (or know how to use) 11+ other applications. ORAC allowed me to pave the path to the creation of the Kingston University iPhone Application (iPhone App Page).

Duties Include:

  • Maintaining the Universities core applications
    • SITS: Tribal SITS:VISION, Tribal ESD, LANDesk Service desk, Scientia syllabus plus enterprise timetabling, PS Enterprise, RMS (Room management), BluQube (Finance), and a number of smaller applications.
  • Developing webpage application
  • Reviewing, identifying and implementing Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery functionalities and policies for the corporate applications.
  • Consolidating with application suppliers/stakeholders.
  • Analysing and running SQL report scripts on Oracle, MSSQL and MySQL Databases.
  • Reviewing applications as a technical authority on new projects.
  • Acquiring working knowledge of applications in line with policies and procedures.

IT Analyst

HR Job Title Student H/D Analyst Then Helpdesk Analyst

Kingston University, IT – Information Services

Sep 2004 – Oct 2006
The job enhanced my telephone and communication skills. When I was unable to solve the problem over the phone, I was required to go to the user’s desk and continue my analysis, which improved my inter-personal skills. The job also allowed me to cultivate my knowledge of webpage development using CSS, JavaScript, PHP and XML.

Duties Include:

  • Worked with Windows and PC application and web technologies.
  • Supported MS Office (2003, XP, 2007), Outlook and Exchange users.
  • Worked with Novell network system and issues.
  • Designed and Programmed webpages to help the member of staff and students, who use the Kingston Network.
  • Trained staff in use of new software and supported their problems.
  • Integrated various platforms and synced them with the MS Exchange including Palm’s, I Pac and Blackberry’s.
  • Assisted with the many of the other duties I entailed from my previous job at Kingston.
  • Solved the problems of staff of Kingston University across 10 sites, over 2000 users including students of two faculties (e.g. Art, Design & Music).

MS Exchange 2003 Contractor

HR Job Title Staff Bureau

Kingston University, ICTS

Mar 2004 – Sep 2004
In addition to my technical skills, this role helped me to improve my inter-personal skills. This role required me to liaise with client and deal with the end users’ day-to-day problems and enquiries.

Duties Included:
Project One: Office 2003 Rollout (March 2004 – May 2004):

  • Implemented the rollout of Office 2003 for the staff of Kingston University across 10 sites and for over 1000 users.
  • Organised the timetables, arranged meeting and trained users.
  • Trained staff in the use of the new software though presentations and one to one teaching.
  • Converted Office Access 97 and XP to 2003, implemented the relationships within the Databases and repaired the problems arisen.
  • Built new Databases using MS Office Access 2003 to the specification of the user.
  • Worked as onsite computer analyst and IT support to help and interact with the current IT Helpdesk Support.

Project Two: MS Exchange 2003 (May 2004 – September 2004):

  • Headlined one of the first, largest MS Exchange 2003 server rollouts in the country, incorporating over 28,000 users.
  • Dealt with users such as Vice Chancellor and the Deans’ offices.
  • Lead a team of four people and scheduled the migration, dealt with issues arisen.
  • Analysed general problems with Outlook and the migrated from Pegasus E-mailing Software and found the solution to the issues.
  • Liaised with Unisys team members to fix problems with their system and provide them information to make the process smoother.
  • Also worked with various platforms such as Palm/PDAs and Apple Mac’s, syncing them with the MS Exchange.

Computer Engineer Contractor


Nov 1999 – Feb 2004
I worked as a project manager and engineer contractor within ITM for various organisations, leading teams of 2 to 8 engineers. I was contracted out to companies such as CB Richard Eills, Tescos, Vodafone, BskyB, Shell, Media Edge as well as other smaller companies. The job entailed office network rebuilds, IT roll-outs, hardware and software set up for new offices. My role also covered liaising with the various contractors and sub-contractors as well as suppliers and in house staff.


Brunel University

2000 – 2003 Bachelor of EngineeringBEng Computer Systems Engineering

  • – Honours Second Class (Lower) (IEE Accredited)

Dissertation on Bluetooth Tech. – 2.1

West Thames College

1998 – 2000 GNVQ 3 Advanced EngineeringAdvanced Distinction

West Thames College

1998 – 2000 NVQ2Foundation Engineering Manufacture Level 2

  • – Pass

Twyford CofE High School

1993 to 1998 General Certificate of Secondary Education

  • – 5 GCSE Grade C and above

Key Skills


Fundamentals of BPMN (QABPMN);Microsoft SQL Server 2012 – Writing Queries (70-461);Microsoft SQL Server 2012 – Administering (70-462);Microsoft SQL Server 2012 – Implementing a Data Warehouse (70-463);Microsoft MCSE SQL Server 2012 – Developing (70-464);Microsoft MCSE SQL Server 2012 (70-465);Basic LinuX; Microsoft Official Course 2272C – Implementing and Supporting Microsoft Windows XP Professional; Oracle University – Oracle Database 10g : SQL Fundamentals; Microsoft Official Course 2071B – Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2000 with Transact-SQL; Microsoft Official Course 2273B – Managing & Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Environment.

Operation Systems:

MS Server 2000/2003/2008/2008 R2; MS Windows 3.*/9*/ME/2000Pro/XP/Vista/7; Mac OSX; Basic LinuX.

Server Systems:

Novell Console One/Netware Admin; MS Active Directory; MS Exchange; iPrint Manager; MS SharePoint 2003 and 2010; IIS 6,7 and 7.5.


Design Software: X code, Macromedia Dreamweaver MX,8,CS3,CS4 CS5, Flash MX&8 and Adobe Premiere Pro
Graphical Software: Photo Shop CS1,CS2,CS3,CS4&CS5, Paint Shop Pro 7+ and Macromedia Fireworks MX&8
General Software: MS Office 97-2K, XP, 2003, 2007 and 2010.


Installation PC of hardware/software, LAN & Wireless, Assembly of PC’s, installation of peripherals, diagnosis of faults

Programming languages:

iPhone (Objective-C),
Web (AJAX, HTML, HTML 5, PHP, PHP OOP, jQuery, Javascript, CSS, CSS 3, XML, XHTML),
Database (MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle PL/SQL, MsAccess)

Electronics Skills:

Prototyping – Circuit & PCB design and Testing.
Knowledge of MaxPlus, VLSI, Bluetooth

General Skills:

Teaching technical aspects to non-technical based users, Project Organisation, Interpersonal, communication and team working skills


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